The products we use to create our soaps are strictly tested and of the highest quality. The base is extra virgin olive oil (name of class origin''extra virgin and virgin olive oil''), the NaOH (caustic soda) with distilled water and various herbal extracts and essential oils, no synthetic colors, fragrances or various preservatives.

The oliveoil is scientifically proven, the most valuable vegetable oil that is naturally enriched with monounsaturated fat, oleic acid and polyphenols as well as a powerful antioxidant, hydroxytyrosol.

Because of this precious and unique combination, when is used superficially, is achieved in a natural way to rehydrate the tissues and regenerate the skin, leaving a feeling of coolness and freshness

The addition of herbs enhances, strengthens and distinguishes the healing properties of olive oil, depending on the specific composition.

During saponification, what makes our soaps so separately, is the slow but also qualitative "cold" method in which the oil is not boiled, as happens in manufacturing, significantly degrading the properties of the oil, but mixed with other ingredients in physics temperature. By this way we keep in , the whole natural ingredients and glycerol which produced remains entirely within the soap. Also through all the process, there is no waste and the soaps we create are 100% biodegradable, without polluting or harmming the environment, even at a minimum.

The final maturity of soap fully achieved, after more than eight weeks, having them exposed to naturally-ventilated space. Along with the complete evaporation of NaOH, a pure natural product is ready for use. ATTENTION, after using the soap, it is wise to deposit it, in a metalik or woodden grill, so that it remains dry. In this way, last longer.