Momordica Charantia

The  tropical plant with the Latin name "momordica charantia", is grown for its fruit, leaves and roots, from ancient times, initially in India, Southeast Asia, China, Africa, the Caribbean and later in Australia and in America.

The utility is manifold in nature, such as edible fruit (the most bitter of all fruits), as an ingredient in Asian dishes, but above all as a much-needed medicine.
 The whole plant has been used in major Asian recipes treatment of serious diseases, in traditional medicine for a long time, such as, to treat wounds,  burns, treat malaria, diabetes, syphilis, stomach ulcers, lung cancer, prostate cancer, various malignant tumors of the colon and generally fight cancer cells, both internally and superficially.

It is no coincidence that this particular plant involved several research centers of major universities around the world due to its special medicinal properties.

The dried leaves and flowers of the plant used as a drink (tea), and the dryed fruit  as powder in capsule form, because both of them lower the levels of blood glucose and increased rates of insulin in the human body, to people are suffering from diabetes.