Aromatic oils

The Linear B provides us with valuable information on the importance that has the production of aromatic oils in the palatial economy. From the palace archives of Pylos come more and more detailed information on the aromatic oils. Even perfumers names, mentioned. The specific occupation of " aleifazoos or aleifozoos" is perfumer, (''myropoios'', perfumer),   exercised exclusively by men. Four of them are even  known by their names: Evmidis, Kokalos, Thyestes and Filaios. It is known that herbs used in the manufacture of aromatic oils. The three basic types of aromatic oil is characterized by the adjectives, nammed, "sfakoen, kypairoen and rodoen " flavored with sage,  tiger nut and roses. Pylos oils have been classified into six or more categories depending on the flavor, age, origin and use for which it was intended to.