The headquarters of Athana Workshop

Our laboratory is located in Naoussa, Imathia, Greece,  and working with herbs and botanical extracts  combined with extra virgin olive oil to create ''Superior Quality, handmade soaps. We suggest to pay a  special attention to the importance and famous,'' Bitter Melon Oil.''

 The tools that come in contact with the products we use are''only''inoxidizable  utensil, wooden stirrers, glass containers and simple recycled paper for safe packaging.

The extra virgin olive oil sourced from our eco-grove, grown in Perdika of Thesprotia, always carefully with  great respect, for the greatest  gift of Athena. 

The herbs we are not able to collect from the wild mountains, we grow them,  with special care and love in our property which is situated at the foot of Vermio 600m altitude, away from noise, fumes and pesticides.

Due to the rare and unique growing, we suggest particular the extract of the  literally, miraculous herb, named «momordica charantia» (Latin name), which we grow with patience and care, creating the  unique  Bitter Melon Oil.