Athena, the olive donor - the legend

The  pelasgian myth refers to the struggle of Athena and Poseidon for the land and the name of the city of Athens. Those years, King Αθηνά - δωρήτρια της ελιάςof Athens was Cecrops. The opponents and the other ten gods of Olympus went on the rock of the Acropolis, to make the judge in the dispute between the two gods, while Cecrops attended as witnesses.

  First came the Neptune, stood in the middle of the rock and with his trident gave  a wallop on the ground. Immediately sprang a wave of salt water that formed a small lake called "Erechthiida 'sea.

  Then came the turn of Athena to present the gift and after Cecrops invited to witness,  an olive tree planted on the rock, sprang full of fruit. This tree was preserved for many years later. After  Athenas gift, Zeus declared the end of the race and told the other gods to determine which name of the two gods to give the city. At the same time requested the testimony and the opinion of Cecrops. From the top of the hill he glanced around, but where ever he  turned  his eyes, looked up salt water. Sea was  everywhere.

 The olive tree  of Athena was the first to sprout across the country and yet, it was  the promise to the city for glory and happiness. So Cecrops decided that Athena's gift was more useful and  gave the dominance of the city to her. For the origin of the Athenian olivetree  speaks,  Pausanias, Herodotus, Claudius Aelian and Sophocles.